Thursday, January 24, 2008

Memories of Old Blue

In this short life there are mundane tasks that we do on a daily basis without even thinking. And sometimes we build relationships not even knowing it. I have come to realize we should acknowledge these relationships while they are in full bloom rather than waiting until the blossom shrivels and falls from the flower.

There is one that has been in my life for a long time. Always there with unwavering loyalty. The one I speak of is often present at family gatherings and I shamefully admit to excluding her from photos even cropping those in which she might unexpectedly appear. I admit to being embarrassed at times when seen in public with her.

She is not outwardly beautiful, the years have not been kind to her. I sense that her end may be drawing near so I must get this out while I still have the chance. By admitting my shortcomings and acknowledging her importance in this post, perhaps I can begin to undo some of the injustice the years have heaped upon her. To this point she has not had a proper name.

On this day I name her "Old Blue". With temperatures at 14 below outside I will not ask her to rise to duty. She has in past similar circumstances heeded my call without question and for that she deserves respect.

To my knowledge, since her birth in 1985 she has not spent a single night inside. She has been loaded to the gills time and again with plaster, lath and nails. She has pulled stumps and hauled firewood. Now she is rarely on the roads, but trundles through the fields. She still keeps our driveway clear of snow.

She taught my children what a crank window is and just recently, she managed to teach my eldest to appreciate the cost of gas in less than a week.

Old blue, I fear the years weigh too heavily upon you. I can replace your aged battery, but the signs of a possible leaking head gasket could be the last blow. This winter, in the autumn of your life, I will treat you kindly so that perhaps you will make it to spring.

I hope that once more I may drive with you down field roads and that at least one more time you may feel the caress of the long field grasses across your under carriage and summer breeze in your grill.

Your Custodian,


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