Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How Many Houses Should I Look At?

What are the chances the first house you look at is going to be the one you want? There is always a chance that could happen. No matter how many houses you look at, how do you know the next one is not going to be just a little better? You don't know.
If you really like the first house you see, go see some more as soon as possible. If the first one is still your favorite arrange to see it again. There are always new things you notice the second time around.

Make a list of questions and get them answered. If you are ready to buy don't delay just because you found something good right away. Among the motivated buyers I work with, people who are ready to go right now, it's very common for them to see fewer than eight houses before they make an offer. In some markets there aren't even eight homes of a particular type and price range to look at.